WarmlyYours has recently expanded its line of radiant heating controls by adding a brand new WiFi-enabled thermostat designed to work with your favorite home automation systems.

The Mysa WiFi Programmable Thermostat was launched by WarmlyYours, an electric radiant heating manufacturer, earlier this month to serve as a new home automation friendly control option for both electric floor heating and hardwired radiant heating panels. The Mysa WiFi is compatible with nearly every home automation system including Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, IFTTT, and SmartThings. Julia Billen, owner and president of WarmlyYours, said that this compatibility bypasses the need for third-party hardware and it can make the heating system voice enabled via the home automation system.

“Comfort is timeless but technology is always changing. WarmlyYours prioritizes innovation and this thermostat allows us to bring comfort into our customers’ homes in a brand new way—all they have to do is say the word—literally!” said Billen.

The Mysa thermostat has a minimalist design with an LED dot-matrix display with capacitive touch-sensitive buttons for intuitive operation. It also allows a user to control their radiant heating system remotely with their smart-device. The Mysa WiFi differentiates itself from other WiFi-enabled electric floor heating thermostats with several key factors that help maximize a radiant heating system’s energy efficiency. The user-friendly app includes the option to create your own custom heating schedule or to select a default ENERGY STAR schedule to help save on energy use. Additionally, the app includes features like energy charting, which allows you to monitor where and when energy is used, and geofencing, which will turn your system on and off based on your phone’s location to prevent unnecessary energy use when you’re not home.

Billen said that for many years radiant heating customers have requested ways to increase the energy efficiency of their systems and that this new thermostat helps address those concerns.

For more information, visit warmlyyours.com.