Neolith appointed James Amendola as its vice president of North America. This follows the appointment of Jose Luis Ramon Moreno as CEO in March and Sagi Cohen as advisory board member in November 2019.

Amendola brings extensive knowledge and experience to Neolith, accrued from over three decades in the stone surfacing industry. Most recently, he held the position of director of sales & marketing U.S. at SapienStone. Previously, he was general manager at Cosentino.

Speaking on the new appointment, Jose Luis Ramon Moreno, Neolith CEO, said, “Neolith has ambitious plans for North America. This includes significant investment, such as strengthening our senior leadership team in the region. James will be a key part of our future journey. With his exceptional industry knowledge and a proven track record, he will be an invaluable addition to the team, helping to further drive our pioneering vision forward and expanding our reach in the vibrant architecture and design sector.”

Amendola commented, “I have always been passionate about, and dedicated to, the surfacing industry. Ever since I first encountered Sintered Stone, I was impressed with the scope of how it can be used. My new role is a fantastic opportunity to continue doing what I love and to help raise the profile of the Neolith brand in the US and Canada.”

He added, “I believe wholeheartedly in the product and its versatility, durability and unparalleled aesthetic qualities. Neolith has a strong brand identity and has proven itself to be an industry leader in the 10 years it has been in business.

The brand’s presence in North America is growing at a remarkable pace, and although we are currently living in challenging and unprecedented times, I am confident we can grow even further. Neolith invests heavily in its staff and in its mission to provide the best Sintered Stone product on the market. Therefore, with the assistance and expertise of the company’s committed distributing partners, its global team and a wide range of specialists in our field, we will be able to see the brand’s continued success in the region and around the world.” 

Neolith recently launched Neolith Atlanta: the manufacturer’s first dedicated U.S. division. Crucially, it will strengthen the brand’s loyal and dedicated network of distributing partners in the south-eastern region and support the important work that they do, ensuring faster delivery times, better technical support, more timely communications and greater flexibility to respond to growing demand.

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