Fishman Flooring Solutions, a distributor of flooring and flooring installation products, has moved its branch in Charleston, South Carolina, to a new location. The new location, which is five minutes from the company’s previous Charleston branch, was chosen in order to enable the company to better delight its customers.

“The new, more modern location makes it easier and better for our customers in the Charleston area to do business with us in three ways,” according to Fishman vice president Shane Richmond. “First, it has a larger warehouse that enables us to inventory a wider range of flooring and flooring installation products and give customers immediate access to them. Second, it features a larger, updated showroom that can accommodate more products, including many new and innovative flooring technologies as they are introduced into the marketplace. Third, it gives customers easier access to pick-up doors in the parking lot, which is also an important safety feature in the age of the coronavirus.”

Fishman first entered the Charleston marketplace in 1999 and has seen a steady increase in its business in the state over the past two decades. Fishman also has a branch in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which it opened in 2015.

The address of the new branch is 4305 Lear Avenue, Unit B, North Charleston, South Carolina 29418, It can be accessed by using the same exit off I-26 as the previous location.

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