This exquisite flower of the cherry tree, Sakura, is beloved in Japan and cherished in North America, where a cherry tree in full bloom is the most visually splendid moment of Spring. Sakura captures this magic in mosaic form, with drifting blossoms inset into a swirl of stone.

The pattern is also available as Sakura Falls; the same swirling background, free of floral ornament. Sakura is stocked in two colorways - Bianco Dolomiti with blossoms of Vanilla Onyx, Calacatta Bluette, Azul Cielo, and Calacatta Gold; and in Calacatta Bluette with blossoms of Bianco Dolomiti, Artemisia Grey and Azul Cielo. Sakura Falls is stocked in honed Bianco Dolomiti, Calacatta Gold and Calacatta Bluette.

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