QFloors just made it easier for flooring retailers to access the benefits of flooring-specific software without needing to learn the ins and outs of a new accounting system.

Retailers who use QPro, QFloors’ browser-based cloud-based software, now have the ability to integrate with QuickBooks Online, combining QPro’s flooring-specific benefits with QuickBooks Online’s familiar accounting features.

Chad Ogden, president and CEO, said this integration bridges the gaps in QuickBooks’ accounting software, which is not tailored to a flooring retailer’s specific needs, such as tracking inventory sales or monitoring labor costs and fcB2B pricing. “In order to make QuickBooks work for flooring retailers, you have to do all kinds of workarounds. For example, if you’re trying to order carpet in QuickBooks, QuickBooks doesn’t know what a square yard is. Trying to keep track of all of that manually is a pain.”

The integration transfers period ending journal entries from QPro into QuickBooks Online. Customer payments put into QPro can be combined and posted daily to QuickBooks Online as deposits as well.

QPro pricing includes a one-time setup and training fee (starting at $500), and costs $50 per user per month.

Learn more about the new accounting integration here, or schedule a free demo.