QFloors flooring software users from the U.S. and Canada recently met for three days in Park City, Utah for QFloors’ GPS (Growth, Profit & Success) Users Conference. 

The conference featured group sessions discussing new and upcoming features, and numerous breakout classes that focused on specific tasks and elements of the flooring software system. QFloors executives also held one-on-one meetings with participants to talk about their individual needs or issues. The last day featured a roundtable discussion giving dealers the opportunity to weigh in on what they would like to see in future versions of the software.

Participants remarked on how beneficial the event was. Attendee Mary Jane Dorman said, “It was a great conference! We came away rejuvenated and better informed of the changes we need to initiate in our business.”  Another attendee, Glenn Bailey, mentioned “I think these users conferences are one of the things that makes QFloors different.  This was my first conference… and I can tell you we will be at the next one.”

The conference was held at the Westgate hotel, located at the base of The Canyons ski and snowboard resort in Park City.  Attendees were treated to beautiful fall scenery and spectacular views, including a gondola ride and picnic lunch at the top of the resort (approximately 9,000 ft elevation).  Additional optional activities like fly fishing, golf, and a visit to Olympic Park training headquarters were also offered during down time.

QFloors owners Chad and Trent Ogden were pleased with how the conference went. “We’ve been doing this for years,” explained Chad Ogden, QFloors CEO/President. “Attendees tell us the conference is beneficial on many levels,” he said, “They fine tune skills and learn about new features. They network and share ideas with one another. They communicate to us their priorities. Each dealer has both shared and unique needs for his operation and these conferences give us the opportunity to address those.”

Trent Ogden, QFloors CFO, added, “We also use the conference to get customers’ input on future generations of our software. We are continuously updating and adding enhancements.  So as we do the following year’s updates, we incorporate the most popular ideas from the conference into the software.  I think one of the reasons our software is so good is that we have had years of listening to dealers weigh in on what they want.”

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