By utilizing cutting-edge technology to replicate authentic marble veining, these Secolo Porcelain slabs mimic the look and feel of marble, yet offer the durability and versatility of porcelain. Thinner than natural stone, porcelain has traditionally been offered as slabs between three and six millimeters thick, which can be fragile and difficult to fabricate. By increasing the thickness of the porcelain to 12 mm, Walker Zanger is among the first in the industry to offer entire slabs up to 126 inches by 63 inches to use as countertops.

The new porcelain slabs emulate marble, cement and wood—all with a polished finish—and come in 12 colorways including Calacata Classic, Calacata Gold, Calacata Premio, Calacata Regent, Marron Glace and Statuary Pieta. The durability of porcelain allows the slabs to be used in a wide variety of applications—both residential and commercial—including all interior surfaces, exterior walls and water features such as pool lines.

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