Diverzify, commercial flooring and interior services, is announcing a strategic partnership with Kiefer USA, athletic surfaces, products, and performance environments, that will enable both companies to serve a broader range of clients nationwide by delivering a comprehensive scope of flooring and interior services with consistency, reliability, and quality. Kiefer USA will gain access to Diverzify’s advanced technology platform of business and operational services as well as Diverzify’s national network of intellectual capital and physical and labor resources. With the inclusion of Kiefer USA, Diverzify expands the range of its service capabilities to include sports and athletic surfaces and will include Kiefer USA’s physical and labor resources in local, regional, and national client solutions.

“Kiefer USA is the resource of choice for sports surfaces and will complement our network of services extremely well,” said Joshua Slater, chief integration officer for Diverzify. “As with all the partners in our network, we will find areas where we can help each other improve and bring better solutions to all of our clients.”  

Kiefer USA draws its roots to 1946, when Adolph Kiefer, a gold medalist in the 1936 Olympics, dedicated his life to improving the well-being of athletes and all who participate in sport related activities. Today, Kiefer USA is a leader in the supply and installation of sports related products.

“Kiefer USA has grown and prospered because we focus on an athlete’s safety while enhancing their performance,” said Brion Rittenberry, president and CEO of Kiefer USA. “We are excited to bring our perspectives on sports surfaces to the Diverzify network and to learn from the leaders within that network. Together, we will achieve more.”

To learn more about Diverzify, visit diverzify.com.