RollMaster Flooring Business Management Software, a founding member of the fcB2B Flooring Industry initiative, has partnered with Elias Wilf, a flooring distributor since 1915, to begin offering the distributor’s complete product line for B2B catalog and pricing import.

“There have been a lot of successes with the fcB2B initiative over the years, but surprisingly, we are still a long way away from complete adoption by all suppliers and all customers. That’s why we’re continually pushing to bring along new B2B trading partners, and Elias Wilf Corporation has been extremely responsive with allowing us to get to this crucial first step with their company,” said Kelly Oechslin, product marketing manager for RollMaster Software.

“Elias Wilf is proud to offer B2B to our RollMaster customers. We have a few RollMaster customers already setup and using B2B with us and are eager to add more. B2B creates a winning link between Elias Wilf and our customers while streamlining processes on both sides. We are pleased to partner with RollMaster in offering this access to their clients,” commented Sheila Bosworth, director of IT for Elias Wilf.

Elias Wilf B2B Integration is live on the RollMaster System. New accounts will be created upon request via RollMaster’s B2B registration page.  

Any flooring industry manufacturer or supplier interested in getting started with B2B EDI, is invited to use the RollMaster Virtual B2B Sandbox to begin testing catalog data imports. Please email with your request.