Engineered Floors, in partnership with RollMaster Software, has generated a fully functioning floor covering business to business (FCB2B) import catalog and price list. 

"Our clients have expressed great interest in receiving their product catalog as well as other FCB2B information electronically," said Dev O'Reilly, president of RollMaster Software. "The RollMaster cloud delivery model enables everyone to participate immediately."

According to O'Reilly, this key partnership will result in Engineered Floors becoming B2B compliant, benefitting all flooring dealers with B2B import functionality as part of their business management software.

B2B technology enables software users to automatically send and receive key documents exchanged daily between manufacturers, distributors and flooring retailers and contractors, such as pricing updates, purchase orders and invoices.

"The addition of Engineered Floors to the FCB2B partnership is an important step that is driven by the needs of our mutual clients," said Clay Rigsby, Engineered Floors' web development manager.

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