COREtec, waterproof multi-layer flooring innovator, is introducing 10 brand new colors in its COREtec Plus HD line and four new colors in its COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced line. Both product collections are created with design-forward visuals, reaffirming the brand’s position in waterproof, kidproof and petproof flooring.

Current collection updates include:

  • COREtec Plus HD: Now offering 10 new color additions which bring simplicity and warmth to the line: Allured Oak, Angelic Oak, Emersed Oak, Eloquent Oak, Gracious Oak, Luxe Oak, Savor Oak, Sleek Oak, Icon Pine and Trance Pine. Inspiration is drawn from the coexistence of rustic and modern visuals, as well as light, medium or dark color tones. With a 7" x 60" size, these new colors are perfect for any space and will fit into any decor style. The planks are sleek, but long, and adaptable to any design or size space in the home.
  • COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced: COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced is designed to maintain its unique and captivating style, even in the toughest environments. For 2021, four new colors have been added to the COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced line: Aldergrove Oak, Lyric Oak, Lucent Oak and Shoreline Maple. Each of these are offered in 7” x 48” 5mm planks. These color additions rejuvenate and contemporize the current COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced offerings. Calming oaks and maple in neutral tones offer subtle variation in a linear style that is complementary to the narrow plank aesthetic.

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