COREtec evolves its product line once again for the 2019 launch of COREtec PRO, an uncompromising flooring solution. With several formats, featuring various plank sizes and visuals, this Solid Polymer Core (SPC) product line provides style, extreme protection and durability.

Adding new SKUs ideal for both Main Street commercial and residential applications, COREtec PRO offers stunning visuals engineered to perform. As an SPC product, COREtec PRO’s denser core results in increased durability in addition to being waterproof and extremely easy to clean. It is impact-, scratch- and dent-resistant, making it a perfect solution for high-traffic areas in a home or workspace.

“COREtec PRO is made for work and life in all its hectic, high-traffic glory,” said Piet Dossche, executive vice president of hard surface for Shaw Industries and president of USFloors. “By offering various formats and features of COREtec PRO, we’re able to give consumers exactly what they want in terms of visuals and price points without sacrificing the impressive durability they have come to expect from COREtec products.”

COREtec PRO maximizes labor efficiency due to its simple angle-tap installation process. It requires no adhesives or acclimation time and needs minimal subfloor prep. This collection features 58 total SKUs in different formats: COREtec PRO Plus: 7.20x48 in. 5.0 mm thick planks with an attached underlayment for more comfort underfoot; COREtec PRO Plus Enhanced Planks with an enhanced bevel for added realism and an attached cork underlayment for a quieter floor; COREtec PRO Plus Enhanced Tiles Large 18.58x24.02 in tiles, featuring an enhanced bevel for a true tile-look and an attached underlayment that absorbs sound; COREtec PRO Plus XL: Extra long planks to create a grand look, featuring a painted bevel and an attached cork underlayment; COREtec PRO Plus XL Enhanced: 9.06x72.83 in. 5.2 mm thick extra-wide and extra-long planks that each include a painted bevel and an attached cork underlayment; and COREtec Pro Plus HD: planks with an attached underlayment, enhanced painted bevel and EIR-technology allows consumers to feel the texture.

Housed in a new display dedicated solely to this SPC product, alleviating any confusion between SPC and WPC products, retailers will appreciate the compact rack that respects footprint allocation in the showroom.

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