COREtec the Original, the industry’s first rigid core product, is introducing new color additions and innovations to give consumers more options for flooring that will stand up to life. 

“The industry was revolutionized when COREtec The Original was introduced -- the first Waterproof Foamed Core (WPC) flooring technology to deliver exceptional style with 100% waterproof, kidproof and petproof performance,” John Crews, director of product design for COREtec. “In 2020, we’re expanding on this style element with product innovation through our newly innovated enhanced integrated bevels. These subtle plank enhancements provide that distinguished design is in the details.”

Current collection updates include:

  • COREtec Plus HD with Enhanced Integrated Bevels: Embossed-In-Register technology and newly innovated enhanced integrated bevels on a WPC core bring these high styled visuals to life. This innovative plank definition is available in five design and species blends: Blended Umber, Blended Caraway, Blended Sienna, Blended Praline, and Blended Cocoon. These wood “blends” celebrate bold natural expressions by drawing inspiration from various types of wood and building materials. Each color is offered in 7” x 48” x 8mm.
  • COREtec Plus 5”: The floor that started it all with our patented and revolutionary waterproof, rigid WPC core. For 2021, three new colors are added to the COREtec Plus 5” collection: Ashton Woods Oak, Baywood Oak, Bodwell Oak. Each of these are offered in 5” x 48” x 8mm. These color additions rejuvenate and contemporize our current COREtec construction offering. Calming oaks in neutral tones offer subtle variation in a linear style that is complementary to the narrow plank aesthetic.

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