HMTX Industries held a “Tree Raising” event to commemorate the beginning of constructing its new world headquarters on May 25. A giant Yellowwood tree, native to the area centuries ago before glaciers disrupted the soil, was hoisted and lowered into place on the grounds of what will be a tree-studded green building, dubbed “The House Up on The Hill”.

Jason McLennan, CEO of McLennan Design, attended the tree raising. One of the world’s most influential names in the field of architecture and the green building movement, he was the lead designer and principal architect for the project. He spoke about the HMTX world headquarters being on track to become the greenest building in the State of Connecticut.

Also in attendance was Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, who commented about why trees are so significant to the area and their contribution to the many sustainability positives of the project.

HMTX CEO Harlan Stone said, “This is not a building meant to disrupt nature, but rather, one that will actively preserve and promote it.”

Among the items given to guests were a White Oak seedling for each to plant, a native tree of Connecticut also known as The Charter Oak, which is the state’s official tree.

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