Sarah Williams began her tenure with iQ Power Tools in 2016, offering her expertise in graphic design, social media and brand management. A graduate of California State University-Fullerton, Williams' responsibilities include creating, implementing and measuring the success of a multi-faceted marketing program that enhances the company’s brand and thus, bolsters its position within the marketplace.

She commented, “My goal is to disrupt the status quo within the construction industry. By sharing new ideas, embracing modern-day marketing trends ... and, expecting the best. Our groundbreaking marketing and sales approach goes hand-in-hand with our company’s product innovations. Our team is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to marketing.”

Among her many achievements, including spearheading an educational program in conjunction with the American Lung Association is bringing the iQ brand into the mainstream via live video.

Paul Guth, chief executive officer of iQ Power Tools stated, “Sarah has been a key member of the iQ team, having proved herself as a committed company advocate. Her passion and commitment to the iQ brand and our customers is, without question, exemplary. She is a true asset to our organization.”

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