Everyone who contributes in some way to the built environment has had to pivot, innovate, and in some cases, completely change the way they do business since the onset of the pandemic. Flooring contractors are no exception.  

Fuse member Pavilion Floors, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, was engaged on a Friday by general contractor Dimeo Construction to procure and install flooring for a temporary rapid-response facility to accommodate COVID-19 patients in Rhode Island. 

Pavilion worked with manufacturers and distributors throughout the weekend to price the job, secure materials, and schedule deliveries. By the end of the week, Pavilion received all of the needed materials—which included more than 100,000 square feet of flooring. Pavilion’s first day of installation started on April 7, 2021, and they ran two shifts 24/7, installing the last piece of base on April 16.  

This timely project recently won the most aggressive timeline/schedule award at the Fuse Alliance annual conference. Suppliers on this project included Tarkett Contract, Altro, and Roppe.