Unilin Technologies announced that the waterproof coating for flooring “Unicoat” is the newest patented innovation in its patent portfolio.

The Unicoat water-repellent coating for flooring has a dual purpose:

  • The coating will prevent water from penetrating in between the joints of two flooring panels. The surface of the floor is thus truly sealed.
  • The coating will act to prevent swelling of a wood-based core by forming a shielding layer minimizing its moisture absorptive nature. No swelling means no pushed-up edges, nor the resulting premature wear at the upper surface.

This technology was developed and patented by Unilin several years ago and has already been introduced to the market as HydroSeal technology on many of the Quick-Step, Pergo and Mohawk product ranges.

This coating technology is protected by a wide range of patents, including granted patents in the US and Europe.

For more information, visit https://www.unilintechnologies.com/en/technologies/flooring/unicoat