The Rug Company, creator of contemporary, handmade rugs, is launching its digital Custom Rug Designer Tool.

The new Custom Rug Designer Tool is a new digital service which allows customers the opportunity to choose from The Rug Company’s designs and customize them in shape, size, color and materials to create a completely unique design. This service invites end-users to assume the role of a designer by using a wide array of online customization options to create a one-of-a-kind rug by adapting the company’s more than 100 best-sellers to choose from, including designs by Kelly Wearstler, Diane von Fursterburg, Alexandra Champalimaud, Nicole Fuller, Kelly Behun, Paul Smith, Rodarte and original designs by The Rug Company in-house Studio.

Quotes are generated in real time and designs can be saved to review at a later date or sent through to The Rug Company directly. Once the customer has created a design, they can explore how to bring their creation to life with the help of The Rug Company’s in-house design team or alternatively, it can be saved in their online portfolio to review or amend at a later date.

“As a result of showroom closures (or by appointment only) for the past year, The Rug Company developed this tool to meet the needs of designers and end consumers during the pandemic. Since the recent launch, The Rug Company has been able to work with clients worldwide, providing design assistance and real-time quotes using the Custom Rug Designer Tool; thus enhancing our customer’s digital experience during the design process,”  said James Seuss, CEO.

Additionally, for designers and customers looking to create a truly unique piece, the possibilities of custom design are infinite through The Rug Company’s Bespoke Services. The Rug Company’s in-house studio allows both designers and consumers to create a completely unique piece, either based on an original concept, or an idea developed alongside its collaborators.

“Our expert team of designers is able to work directly with our customers to explore the different nuances that come with creating a custom rug -- in terms of technique, materials, as well as our dazzling range of colors -- in order to create their dream rug. We are excited to be able to work alongside our clients and bring their dreams to life,” explained James Seuss, CEO.

“From the beginning, The Rug Company understood the importance of rugs to a room and I’m thrilled at the level of craftsmanship in my collection. Good quality and good craftsmanship are integral to good design,” said Kelly Behun, Kelly Behun Studio, The Rug Company collaborator and Design Council Member.

From inception to finished project, the meticulous, yet simple process to create a Bespoke rug includes:

1)    The idea is discussed with a member of our sales staff and a design created with The Rug Company’s in-house Studio

2)    Colors and materials are selected based on the project specifications and budget Production artwork is sent to our master craftspeople in Nepal

3)    A graph of the design is created in 1-to-1 scale

4)    Colors are meticulously mixed, and the yarn is dyed to the specified colors

5)    Full-size rug is woven on a loom by our master craftsmen in Nepal

6)    Following a wash, the rug dries in the sun as part of ancient traditional techniques

7)    Finishing touches are made; The Rug Company label is sewn onto the back of the product. Rug is prepared for shipment to the client.

8)    Finished rug is delivered and installed

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