The Lilayi Collection by Virginia Langley is featured in Durkan's innovative Definity, PDI, PDI Tile, CYP and Pattern Perfect technologies.

Lilayi (pronounced “Lie-Lay”) is an African term from the beautiful untamed lands of Zambia and is translated as "the place to rest at sunset." Langley says when she and her family lived in Africa and went on safaris, their favorite time of day to drive to the Zambezi River was at dusk to watch the wild game come down for their evening drink in the cool of the setting sun.

The name ties in harmoniously with the theme of these designs, which are nature inspired and created with an abstract, organic feel and mood. The designs are also inspired by Langley's new Texas ranch and watching sunsets rest behind the views of pastures and oak trees reflecting in the ripples of the pond and pool.

Lilayi brings tranquility and creates a serene setting with modern and contemporary styling. Both subtle and bold in pattern and texture, Lilayi can be easily colored to enhance and complement any theme, from urban to resort, allowing guests to sit back, relax and enjoy the inviting ambiance of Lilayi.

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