Durkan has debuted its latest collection with longtime collaborator Virginia Langley — a carpet portfolio that includes styles designed exclusively by the artist for Durkan’s print carpet tile platform. Synergy is featured in Durkan’s state-of-the-art Precision Dye Injection (PDI) tile format, which features proprietary high-resolution pattern design technology in 12 colors for customization, with the added wear-and-maintenance advantages of modular soft flooring.

Found throughout nature, there is a rhythmic energy of cause and effect where synergy occurs — and inspires. At the point where the ocean meets the sand and the wind meets tree branches and leaves, for example, lies this special synergy, as together, they move, swaying to and fro. All the elements work together in their own right as they turn the tides of time and space to create this collective synergy. The Synergy collection was created by Langley for Durkan with these kinds of beautiful intersections in mind as an artistic take on the concept realized in a symbiosis of modern and dynamic textures.

“When we tune into this natural force of synergy and harmonize with it, we find energy and serenity all at once,” said designer Virginia Langley. “A synergy that unites is serene and refreshing. It is in the air we breathe in and out in rhythmic flow, just as our heart beats by a natural synergy too.”

PDI tile allows designers to create enduring pattern combinations in easy-to-install 12" x 36" and 24" x 24" formats with styling that transforms any space into an interchangeable design landscape. Rotation and replacement of tiles can be easily managed locally, since the randomness of the designs is more desirable and more engaging than exact pattern matching. Durkan’s patented Synthesis process brings PDI styles to life by layering pattern and texture to provide exceptional three-dimensional image quality and clarity. A unique layering effect brings tremendous depth and richness to carpet designs. Tile formats enable clients to have print installations with even more flexibility, ease of replacement and easy access to the subfloor with minimal disruption. The system also creates an opportunity for reduction in installation waste so that more of the product ends up on the floor instead of in the landfill.

In addition to PDI tile, Synergy is available in Durkan's innovative Definity, CYP and PDI broadloom technologies. The multi-category carpet portfolio incorporates motifs designed to provide consistent, one-of-a-kind experiences for guests in public spaces including hotels, casinos, airports, senior living facilities and other hospitality interiors.

Designers can utilize Mohawk Group's Personal Studio interactive visualization platform to personalize these designs with thousands of color options and different Synthesis bases. Its user-friendly functionality allows specifiers to personalize running line flooring products with enhanced coloring capabilities and to visualize products in multiple room scenes and installation patterns. Three-dimensional virtual environments enable users to more accurately scale flooring products and shadows as a realistic simulation for visualization purposes. Learn more and start personalizing today at www.MohawkGroup.com/PersonalStudio.

Coachella Valley-based Langley has collaborated with Durkan since 2005 as part of her firm, Sky Designs, Inc., which she founded in 1996. Her first designs for the flooring manufacturer were created specifically for the PDI broadloom category. Synergy represents Langley's 51st collection designed for Durkan as part of a larger portfolio inclusive of several award-winning styles.

Discover Virginia Langley’s latest collaboration with Durkan and the natural power of Synergy at www.Durkan.com.