In the second installment of Durkan’s collaboration with the Museum of International Folk Art, Spirit Moderne has drawn inspiration from scrap culture and revived and infused it with a contemporary aesthetic.

“This year, we chose to go with the Folk Art side because we send a couple designers to Milan Design Week every year, and the big theme at Milan Design Week last year was scrap culture,” Elizabeth said Bonner, creative design director. “Textural waste is the largest offender in landfills and with fast fashion, people are buying things, wearing them a couple times, donating them and then donation centers are so overwhelmed, they end up shipping those things off to landfills instead of them actually getting used. So we were trying to be cognizant of the role we play in that. We felt like the Folk Art side was a fun side to draw inspiration from because they are traditionally scrap artists, they work with a lot of found objects.”

In Spirt Moderne, Durkan has eliminated the typical white base and integrated pattern, color and texture using Synthesis carpet design technology. As a result, 50% of the yarns in the base were replaced with scrap yarns leftover from other projects, which added stunning linear elements of color to the design.

Patterns created with feeling and passion, that’s what designer Virginia Langley has created in the hospitality brand’s new Andanté collection. “If you’re playing music and they tell you to play with feeling, the Italian version is to play Andanté; with soul and with feeling,” Langley said. “I think that really translates well to art and design. If you add feeling and passion into your work, I believe it reflects, just like it does in music.”

Never straying far from her love of nature, Langley has paired botanical effects with feeling and passion, to create a collection of broadloom and carpet tile that is soft and flowing.