Mosaic Companies (“Mosaic”) announces the acquisitions of Walker Zanger and Opustone, distributors of luxury natural and engineered stone slabs and tiles in the North American market.

Mosaic is the holding company that also includes Surfaces Southeast, a manufacturer and distributor of specialty wall and mosaic coverings to the home center and specialty retail markets.

Mosaic is a partnership between Albert Claramonte, the founder of Surfaces Southeast and a pioneer in the U.S. glass mosaic tile market, and The Baupost Group, a Boston-based investment manager with significant experience partnering with family and founder-owned businesses.

“With the acquisitions of Walker Zanger and Opustone, we are bringing together industry expertise and leading luxury brands to support our strategy of growth and diversification across product categories including specialty and mosaic tiles, floor tiles and slabs – as well as our key channels including retailers, distribution and luxury showrooms,” said Glen Morrison, CEO of Mosaic. “We are creating a business focused on unparalleled customer experiences and market leading design with omnichannel reach to create a powerhouse in the luxury surfaces industry.”

Jeff Lupica, acting general manager of Walker Zanger, said “We are thrilled to be part of the Mosaic team. With Mosaic’s reach and resources, we have the opportunity to further build upon our 65-year history as an innovative leader in natural stone slabs and tile.”

“I’m incredibly excited about the potential this unlocks for us in the years to come,” said Eric Schigiel, president, Opustone. “By joining forces with Mosaic Companies, Opustone is becoming part of a vibrant, growing business that shares a similar vision and set of values, as well as a strong commitment to quality products, innovative design, and passion for customers. Together, we are stronger and will be able to accelerate growth and expand our reach nationwide.”

In addition to retaining his role as president, Opustone, Eric Schigiel will also serve as a strategic advisor to Walker Zanger’s slab division. Jeff Lupica will continue to serve as acting general manager of Walker Zanger, supported by the existing Walker Zanger team.

The acquisition of Walker Zanger was complete in January 2021. The acquisition of Opustone closed in July 2021.