Crossville, Inc. has announced the launch of its new Ardesia a Spacco porcelain tile panel collection. Inspired by Pietra di Lavagna slate from Liguria, Italy, these panels are crafted to replicate the appearance and structural depth of split-gauged stone. The line is made in Italy by Laminam and stocked in the United States.

Ardesia a Spacco is offered in two versatile, through-body colors, Bianco (white) and Nero (black) and a 1200mm x 3000mm (47 ¼” x 118 7/64”) size format that’s wider than traditional porcelain panels. Mesh backing provides enhanced strength and durability for use on floors and walls in commercial or residential settings.

The authenticity of the collection’s slate look is enhanced by variances of depth across the surface of the panels. The 5.6mm standard thickness alters up to 1.5mm across the surface to realistically mimic stone’s dimensional attributes.

“The subtle clefts make Ardesia a Spacco visually stunning,” shares Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s vice president of marketing. “The way light plays over the true stone dimensions and texture gives the panels great depth and interest.”

The nuances in depth across the panels are achieved through some of the latest innovations in porcelain tile manufacturing technology.

“This collection is produced by Laminam in Italy using leading edge production techniques. It represents the amazing progression of what’s possible for porcelain tile today,” Waldrep explains.

Though Ardesia a Spacco beautifully captures natural slate’s appearance, the durability of the collection stands in contrast to natural slate’s more tender qualities.

“Real slate is friable and not very resistant to elements, limiting its use as a material in many areas of application. With this new collection, designers can bring the desired style of slate to even the most demanding commercial projects,” states Waldrep.

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