Architectural products distributor Virginia Tile celebrated the grand opening of its newest showroom in Troy, Michigan, on October 14. The company distributes tile, countertops and other architectural products across 14 states, and said the pandemic spearheaded a number of growth opportunities. 

"Our new website is going to launch on the 20th of this month, and through all of this we've launched a new social media campaign," said Sean Cilona, director of product and marketing, Virginia Tile. 

The company is also launching a new brand, Vital, targeted at the commercial market. "It's a collection of commercial products that we're going to promote across the country, strictly to A&D," Cilona said. 

He also reports that the company has taken a targeted approach to dealing with supply chain issues. 

"'We pooled some products—a core that we can promote that are always going to be in stock," he said. "We've tried to keep the pricing consistent, so it's been a good mix of multiple manufacturers. We're trying to create some sense of normalcy here and keep some supply going."

"Fortunately, we have really good suppliers and they're mitigating the cost increases," Cilona said. "They're trying to absorb as much as they can. They're passing on very little cost to us. We're doing the same, so we're trying to absorb as much as we can, but still kind of keeping the ship moving because the market is only going to absorb so many price increases."

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