Like many companies during the pandemic, Tarkett Hospitality has been finding new ways of working remotely. For the creative team, this was especially challenging since the close-knit working family drew inspiration from their camaraderie and creative thinking sessions. As a way of keeping their connection strong, the team started mailing handcrafted postcards to each other. These mini works of art are now celebrated in Tarkett Hospitality’s new Postcard Collection.

“No matter how many hours we collaborated on Zoom, it couldn’t replace the creative workshops we used to do together,” said Amy Jaekel, creative director for Tarkett Hospitality. “We missed experiencing the color and texture of each other’s work in person. Postcards became a way to visually and tactically share our ideas. We expressed ourselves through drawings, paintings, and words of encouragement. Some were abstract, others realistic, or a combination of the two. The result was a collection of 49 cherished compositions that have been translated into carpet patterns by the receiving designers.” 

Any pattern in the Postcard Collection can be tailored to fit specific budget and project requirements. Designers can choose from Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), or tufted constructions, along with a variety of fiber types, textures, colors, and pile weights. Postcard styles can also be made into custom rugs to enhance guest rooms, lobbies, and other open spaces.

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