Tarkett Hospitality launches the Blotted collection of custom carpets. The emotive series juxtaposes soft, airy, delicate textures with expressive, erratic lines to create patterns that turn a space into an experience. With a respective nod to Jackson Pollock, the influential American painter who was a significant figure in the abstract expressionist art movement, Tarkett Hospitality gives a fresh, ethereal perspective to the All-over techniques popularized in the 20th century.

"Every month, our creative team participates in a studio session organized around a specific theme,” said Amy Jaekel, creative director for Tarkett Hospitality. “Inspired by the drip-painting techniques used by Pollock, we decided to play with mark-making using watercolor, charcoal, Sumi ink, pen, and Gouache acrylic in a palette of traditional colors. While the drip-painting techniques used by Pollock are stunning, they never allow the eye to relax. Our use of softer mediums and open spaces give breath to the all-over designs. We loved the results so much that we transformed our artwork into a collection of carpets that—while still chaotic—leave you with a sense of unwinding and release that complements today's hospitality environments."

 The 11 patterns in the Blotted Collection can be customized to fit specific budget and project requirements. Designers can choose from Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), or tufted constructions, along with a variety of fiber types, textures, colors, and pile weights. The designs can also be made into custom rugs to enhance guest rooms, lobbies, and other open spaces.