To help avoid amine blush, Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI) now offers WearCoat 440FS, a fast-setting epoxy floor coating in a blush-resistant formula.

A common issue with cool-temperature floor coating jobs, amine blush is an oily surface imperfection caused by moisture or dew settling on uncured epoxy. While not fatal to the job, cleaning that blush slows projects from on-time completion. 

Contractors report that WearCoat 440FS is easy to apply evenly and consistently. Most importantly, the high-grade formula has proven superior in allowing them to take on projects through winter months when higher humidity and cooler concrete substrates can yield this unwelcome problem.

A 100% solids epoxy mid-coat or top-coat, WearCoat 440FS is formulated to cure fast in temperatures as low as 40°F/4°C. It’s fast-cure characteristics make it dry to touch in two to three hours and may be recoated in as little four hours which helps it to resist amine blush.

Contractors can count on this blush-resistant formula for flooring projects that are partially or completely exposed to cooler, seasonal temperatures with higher humidity. WearCoat 440FS is also ideal for use on floors in refrigerated, cold storage areas.

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