Metroflor Corporation rings in the new year with a digital transformation of its own: an entirely new consumer-centric website, With a new URL, a more stylish look and improved navigation, the website will transform the discovery process for Metroflor products into a more frictionless and seamless experience.

The website navigation was greatly simplified, away from having to click on a brand then to a collection, to clicking onto a particular type of product by flooring features (waterproof flooring, a major consumer search term, or kid and pet friendly), or product type – Traditional Gluedown, Looselay, Magnetic or Floating Clic LVT – all of which then filter towards the appropriate brand. Other filter terms include color, installation method, visuals/looks (wood, stone, marble), along with the residential room use (basement, bathroom, kids room, laundry room, etc.). Metroflor is also keeping it simple for those needing technical and sustainability information, with links to relevant pages prominently located in the main navigation along with the Find a Dealer function by zip code.

The changes are also expressed visually: a cleaner, image-driven design with larger images on the residential side focusing on lifestyle. The room visualizer function was also updated. Previously visitors had to choose from existing room settings, but now they can upload their own image into the FlorVisualizer. A new “compare” feature allows users to choose between two different flooring designs in the same room simultaneously. The Metroforms Sketchbox Designer tool will continue enabling the design of custom patterned floors in myriad shapes and designs, along with social distancing and wayfinding features for businesses.

Check out the new website at