A new partnership between Mobile Marketing and Swell creates a seamless communication process between retailers and their interested customers throughout the entire buying process.

Swell is a customer experience platform that includes a full-service messaging solution. Mobile Marketing clients will now be able to help promote online reviews from customers, convert website traffic into sales and interact directly with customers to answer questions and assist them in choosing products.

Swell includes the ability to message, webchat, send invitations to leave reviews and complete surveys, schedule measurements and installation, collect payments and see insights.

“This partnership between Mobile Marketing and Swell will open a direct line of communication between our clients and their customers,” said Carole Cross, founder and CEO of Mobile Marketing. “This will allow retailers to improve their online reputation. Once the sale is complete, a text message will automatically be sent to the customer asking them to write a review. This is an essential step because we know people are more likely to buy from retailers with great online reviews, and because it improves search rankings. By partnering with Swell, we are also helping our clients improve customer service because they are directly connected with them.”

For more information, visit mobile-marketing.agency and swellcx.com.