Atlas Concorde says the influencer landscape is having a significant impact on the tile industry. More designers, design firms, architects and independent renovators are establishing a strong, human connection with their audiences via social media. Here are three trends they are spotting for 2022: 

Biophilic Design 

Biophilic design, which has translated into raw earth looks in soothing, warm color palettes, continues to be a dominant industry trend. The company says it is seeing extensive usage of large-format panels, enriched by strong decorative patterns. If you take a closer look at this trend, flowers, foliage, bohemian patterns (both colorful and monochromatic), linen-like textures and nature-inspired accents have emerged. Imagine a painted canvas. The oversized porcelain stoneware slabs are also presented as wallpaper-effect panels, complete with the inherent advantages of porcelain, including water-resistance, longevity and an easy-to-clean nature.

Natural wood-inspired looks are still big. This aesthetic can be enriched with 3-dimensional on-vein decorations. Minimal but distinctive natural elements such as limestones and earthen floors are sought-after as well.  

Three-Dimensional Tiles

Decorative and three-dimensional wall tiles in neutral, soothing pastel color palettes continue to have big play in the tile space. We’re also beginning to see bolder collections come on the scene in stronger, colder palettes inspired by distinctive natural materials such as ceppo di Gre or refined limestone.

Modern Influences 

In addition to the large-format tile trend, pocket-sized hexagons and polygons configured in eye-catching patterns offer a contemporary twist on a classic design element. They are the perfect complement to standard square and rectangular field tiles. 

The terrazzo-look in modern interpretations (geometric inserts, bolder colors) is trending as well, and we believe the look will continue to be popular into 2022.