Daltile has launched four new designs into the brand’s One Quartz extra-large slab program. These new designs are made in the U.S. with imported material in Dal-Tile LLC’s quartz plant in Dickson, Tennessee, and are among the largest quartz slab products in the world.  

“These new extra-large slabs exemplify how quartz combines the beauty of marble and limestone visuals with durability and low-maintenance,” said Roy Viana, director of natural stone and slab for Dal-Tile LLC. “With quartz, you can add gorgeous natural stone looks to your home’s design in a material that stands up to real life activity, perfect for kitchens. These quartz slabs are non-porous, scratch resistant, and stain resistant, and can be used on walls and countertops.” 

Arabescato Twilight

“Inspiration for this product comes from the gorgeous ornate marble looks found in nature,” said Viana. “Using Daltile’s proprietary quartz technology, we are able to bring to life intricate veining patterns, creating luxury and elegant movement within Arabescato Twilight’s flowery marble visual. The veining itself is made up of a distinctive burgundy/brown vein color, and the strength of this veining pattern plays nicely on the warmer white background of Arabescato Twilight.” Available in ¾” and 1 ¼” thickness with a polished finish. Suitable for use as walls or countertops.

Daltile Arabesco Twilight.jpg
Arabescato Twilight. Photo: Daltile. 


Arabescato Mountain

“Much softer and snowier veining is found in our new Arabescato Mountain,” said Viana. “Reminiscent of the most delicate marble veining found in nature, these extra-large quartz slabs feature a cool white background with soft grey veining.” Available in ¾” and 1 ¼” thickness with a polished finish.  Suitable for use as walls or countertops.Daltile Arabescato Mountain.jpgArebescato Mountain. Photo: Daltile. 

Liberty Black

“Interior design is currently calling for products in classic deep, basic black,” said Viana. “Daltile’s new Liberty Black extra-large quartz slabs are delivering classic marble looks in this coveted hue. Against the midnight black background, flowery vein details are expertly used to create an open white vein pattern with delicate white speckle accents.”   

Available in ¾” and 1 ¼” thickness with either a polished or Lava finish. Liberty Black is the first design produced in the brand’s Dickson facility to be offered in Daltile’s new proprietary Lava finish, which provides a more natural look and feel. Suitable for use as walls or countertops.

Daltile Liberty Black.jpgLiberty Black. Photo: Daltile. 


“Taking inspiration from classic Belgium limestone, Nightfall offers a rich, deep black color with subtle, small fossil-like speckles scattered in a semi-balance pattern throughout the slab,” Viana said. “Nightfall is the first black limestone design we have included in our One Quartz offering.” Available in ¾” and 1 ¼” thickness with either a polished or honed finish. Suitable for use as walls or countertops. 

Daltile Nightfall.jpgNightfall. Photo: Daltile. 


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