Shaw Industries Group, Inc., is a contributing sponsor for Bridge Innovate’s Bright Spark 2022 Invention Challenge, a free virtual entrepreneurial innovation competition for 4th-12th grade students hosted by Bridge Innovate, a management consultancy dedicated to fostering innovative leadership. 

Students use the design thinking process to identify a real-world problem, empathize, ideate and prototype a physical invention. This year, students are asked: “How might we make the world a better and more sustainable place for everyone, including people in the future?” Students are encouraged to explore sustainability, identify a “real need,” and design an inventive solution.

Shaw said the sponsorship is representative of the company's effort to create a better future and a better world.

“We encourage students from around the world to participate in the Bright Spark Invention Challenge,” said Kellie Ballew, vice president of global sustainability and innovation at Shaw. “It’s by cross-pollinating ideas from diverse perspectives and considering new possibilities from fresh thinkers that we’ll all be able to develop innovative new solutions that are designed for people and the planet.”

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