As part of its 2022 fall introductions, EF Contract is debuting Elan and Esprit this October. Both patterns are inspired by the brilliance of energetic yarn styling and the use of nuanced color. The two collections boast a heavy emphasis on texture through the use of solution-dyed fiber techniques, tea-stain space dye and metallic accents as well as tip-sheering construction.  

Elan features small-scale tailored patterning that is more defined and structured in its styling. The patterning of Elan provides a grounding, calming base. This style shares the same color technique and tip-sheering construction as Esprit. 

Esprit features large-scale patterning with a combination of geometric and natural forms that are broken apart and put back together creating a trick of the eye that lends an unexpected take on traditional geometric patterns. Using textural, solution-dyed fiber with beautiful tea-stained space dye, colors in this collection carry gentle color nuancing throughout, showing variations from light to dark in a subtle, yet impactful way. This style is energetic and vivacious in nature. 

"The colorways and two patterns make this collection perfect for so many interior spaces, working with one another or on their own," said Susan Curtis, director of product design and development, EF Commercial. 

Both collections are available in 18” x 36” modular tiles, in seven colorways.

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