United Surface Solutions, a SPC manufacturer based in Chatsworth, Georgia, has entered a licensing partnership with Unilin Technologies to be the will be the first producer in the United States to utilize the digital printing and embossing technology on SPC flooring products.  

United Surface Solutions has purchased and is currently installing the digital printing line by Barberan, the Spain-based maker of digital printing and texturing machines, which use Zeetree digital inks and texturing consumables. The solution has been specifically engineered for the purpose of allowing ultra-high resolution printing direct to board, wear layer advancements to deliver class AC5 scratch resistance, and state-of-the-art digital embossed textures and durability never seen before on SPC products.

“We are very excited to employ this world-class technology,” said Eric Ericson of United Surface Solutions. “The Unilin licensing agreement, combined with the latest Barberan equipment and Zeetree consumables, is the result of an extensive three-year global research effort by our team. We have been very careful and measured in our research effort and in the selection of these technologies to ensure that our investment will deliver products of enhanced quality and superior value to the marketplace. Our current installation and development timeline intends to have product available for sale starting in December with EIR digital embossing available in early Q2.”