When The Life Church in Danville, Illinois, decided to make a major flooring change, they looked for something fashionable and durable. The church floor had been covered in carpeting that would be replaced every 10 to 12 years, which proved to be a strain on maintenance budgets. 

To solve this issue, Matthew Ware, sales representative, Herregan Distributors, alongside the team at Myers Carpet Weavers suggested Metroflor’s Déjà New San Marcos Oak. The LVT would provide The Life Church with an affordable flooring option that would eliminate the need for carpet replacements. The moisture-resistant solid vinyl planks would replace carpeting in the church's sanctuary, coffee shop, and lounge area. 

“This was a slam dunk for The Life Church," Ware said. "We were able to present them with a superior product compared to our competitors that met all their style, design, and performance needs, all at a great value from a cost perspective. From the top to the bottom, this product provided everything the church wanted and needed, and more.”

Ware said that Déjà New, which is FloorScore Certified, would promote good indoor air quality, and is durable and dimensionally stable. It features a versatile glue-down installation that could be installed over a variety of substrates when used in conjunction with Prevail 4000 Two-Part Epoxy adhesive. In addition, it could be installed over Prevail GDP (glue-down pad) when reduced sound transmission or reduced reflected sound is required.

"Déjà New gave the worship center a fresh and more contemporary look," said Archie Neal, lead pastor, The Life Church. "We chose the San Marcos Oak design because the greige colors in it gave us so many options when it came to any other decorating that we might decide to do then, as well as in the future."

Déjà New is treated with FX3, which provides abrasion protection, stain repellency, and an integrated odor and stain inhibitor. 

“The Déjà New flooring made the problem of cleaning up spills and trying to remove stains much easier than the carpeting we had in The Life Church," Neal said. "We weren’t sure how the congregation would respond to the flooring given that the worship center had always had a carpet flooring. The overwhelming majority responded with ‘I love it! This is so nice!’ The most positive response came from our cleaning crew. They love how easy it is to keep clean and maintain.”

PROJECT: The Life Church, Danville, IL
INSTALLER/DESIGNER: Myers Carpet Weavers
DISTRIBUTOR: Herregan Distributors
FLOORING USED: 10,000 sq. ft. Déjà New - San Marcos Oak: Flint Grey