Imagine Tile, Inc. introduces the Jungle porcelain floor and wall tile collection, which is a collaboration with designer Ghislaine Viñas.

The Jungle Tile Collection features two 12” x 24” tiles with Ghislaine’s tropical print designed to repeat for a large-scale continuous pattern. Commercially rated for high traffic, the tile is resistant to strong chemicals, free of volatile organic compounds, unaffected by ultraviolet light, scratch resistant and low maintenance. 

Two colorways are available in-stock, emerald in lush shades of green and concrete in delicate greys. Additional colorways—cloud, haze, mint, rose and sand— are available as special order with 100-sq.-ft. minimum. In addition, the company can custom color-match to suit project needs or produce with a matte finish which has a subtle abrasive textured surface that adds additional slip resistance.

“My love of everything tropical stems from growing up in South Africa," Viñas said. "On a return visit, this pattern grew from a collaboration between me and my business and life partner, Jaime Viñas to create this wildly fabulous Jungle design. We are excited to share this collection that will bring a sense of paradise to any space and can be installed anywhere you can imagine tile.”

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