Coretec, the premium resilient brand of Shaw Industries, is rolling out 15 new waterproof styles and a subtle rebrand to the Coretec Pro (SPC) line in 2023.

To add consistency across collections, Coretec has refreshed its Coretec Pro (SPC) collection and will be showcasing these changes at 2023 Shaw winter markets. The refresh includes a new logo and tagline and a subcollection simplification that will mirror the Coretec Originals (WPC) collection with “Classics, Enhanced and Premium” tiered categories for a clear upgrade story. This simplification comes as an effort to keep consumers top-of-mind after Coretec research showed strong consumer preferences for good, better, best formats. 

The Coretec Pro rebrand will be buoyed by the addition of 12 new, on-trend color introductions. Ten of these styles will be housed in the new Premium category, which means they will feature embossed-in-register (E.I.R.) technology and COREtec’s integrated bevels – a first for COREtec PRO. The visuals will consist of a variety of oaks and maples. The 2 remaining color introductions will house realistic, modern elm visuals and will be incorporated into the Enhanced 9x72” line.

"Ten of the styles feature integrated bevel technology, which creates our most authentic wood visual and is a first for Pro," said Natalie Cady, director of premium brands. "When you combine this with the elm visuals we are adding to the 9x72-inch formats in our Enhanced line and our overall Pro refresh, it is easy to see why we feel so confident about our SPC line heading into 2023.”

Cortecis also adding three new Originals colors in 2023. These colors will consist of soft-colored pines and oaks and, as part of the Premium category, will feature enhanced painted bevels and embossed-in-register technology. As is the case with nearly every Coretec floor, these 15 new floor styles will have trims, transitions and stair treads that coordinate with each color.

In addition, Shaw’s streamlined TotalWorx portfolio works towards simplifying the installation process and includes:

  • PrepWorx, floor prep products 
  • GroundWorx, cushion and underlayment (including Courage, Charity and Hope from the Shaw Cushion for St. Jude Collection)
  • LokWorx, seam tape, adhesives and tack strips
  • FinishWorx, trims, cove base and stair treads
  • CareWorx, disinfectants and cleaners

TotalWorx provides retailers, homeowners, and installers with everything needed to complete any installation from beginning to end, hassle-free. Its comprehensive portfolio helps mitigate installer confusion that comes from working with a combination of brands.

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