Tarkett's newest luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is designed to improve acoustics in busy office environments.

With people regularly listing poor acoustics as the top criticism of their work environment, Tarkett focused its efforts on developing a resilient floor covering that would reduce distractions and foster productivity. The result: Even Plane LVT, with sound absorption that performs 30 percent better than building codes require. 

“Each time we’re distracted by unwanted noise, it takes an average of 15 minutes to regain concentration," said Ben Elliott, director, LVT product management. "Multiply that by several distractions a day for each employee, and you can quickly see how poor acoustics directly impact company performance. Our new Even Plane has top-of-the-line acoustic reduction that helps everyone in the space work better together.”

Beneath the surface of Even Plane LVT, a non-woven fiberglass layer resists indentation and dampens sound both within the space and between floors. With a 32-mil wear layer and state-of-the-art Techtonic protection—which boasts a 100 percent performance satisfaction rate to date—Even Plane LVT offers superior resistance to scratches, scuffs, stains and abrasions.

Available in 19 wood, stone and textile visuals in multiple tile and plank sizes, Even Plane can be mixed and matched in a variety of creative combinations and layouts. For added comfort and delineation of space, Even Plane can be installed alongside Tarkett’s ethos® Modular carpet tile without transition strips, which allows faster, more cost-efficient installation and reduces the risk of trip and fall accidents.

As with all Tarkett North America products, Even Plane is ortho-phthalate-free and is made with both people and the planet in mind. The collection is FloorScore Certified and contains 30 percent recycled content. At the end of its life, Even Plane can be taken back through Tarkett’s hassle-free ReStart® program. A verified report of Even Plane’s total environmental impact across its lifecycle can be found in the product-specific Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on the company website. In addition, a third-party verified Material Health Statement for Even Plane discloses ingredients at 100 parts per million (ppm).

To learn more, visit contract.tarkett.com/.