QFloors customers using the company’s integrated credit card processing, QProPay, are reaping the benefits of money-saving features.

“In addition to low rates, we are hearing reports of flooring dealers reaping huge financial benefits after incorporating some of these newer features," said QFloors President Chad Ogden.

Nowadays, most customers are used to the convenience of paying online, and they expect it.

Retailers find that offering online payment dramatically reduces the time and hassle of trying to collect customer balances. Without online payment options, the customers have to either come back to the store, or call in to pay. And that sometimes delays payment. For instance, customers might call with their credit card when the store isn’t open or the sales rep isn’t available, initiating a game of phone tag. Or perhaps customers struggle stepping away from their own busy schedules to drop by the store to pay their balance.

With the “Pay Now” feature of QProPay by QFloors, customers can securely pay and flooring businesses can receive balances 24/7, from anywhere. Sales reps can send the customer a payment link via email, or a flooring store can feature a “Pay Now” button on their website or landing page. Customers click the button or link, and are given instructions for their online payment. It’s convenient and simple for the customer, and saves the dealer time and effort trying to track customers (and payments) down. In addition, with QProPay, flooring dealers are sent a notification with each payment, and the payment can then be posted to their QFloors system.

Businesses can now legally pass credit card fees onto the customer using the card. There are specific parameters required to do this. For instance, having a sign posted near the register that indicates that those paying with a credit card will be assessed the specific % surcharge. But retailers are saving thousands of dollars per month by having the customer pay for their own credit card fees. It can have quite a significant impact on your bottom line. QFloors’ QProPay automatically does this for the dealer, when it is set up to do so.

“I’m saving $7000 a month in credit card fees by incorporating surcharging," said Brian Erickson, a flooring retailers. "It’s had a huge impact.” 

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