A new partnership between flooring manufacturer Mannington and technology provider Broadlume aims to increase sales opportunities while simplifying and shortening the sales process.

The partnership provides retailers who sell Mannington and Phenix flooring brands with a best-in-class experience on their own websites through Broadlume's Digital Retailing program. 

"Last year, Mannington conducted in-depth research with consumers to understand how they are shopping for flooring," said Lori Keith, VP of residential marketing, Mannington. "A key learning is consumers tend to visit their local flooring retailer websites more than a manufacturer's website."

Last month, Broadlume introduced Digital Retailing, a technology that enables shoppers to complete most of the transaction online and finalize it in a showroom. The new program will help Mannington’s retailers by offering a seamless shopping experience that increases sales opportunities, improves how flooring businesses operate, and delights customers.

Through this partnership, Broadlume will be the exclusive technology partner for Mannington’s One Mannington, One Phenix, and Compass Loyalty Programs to offer Digital Retailing to their retailers, with the program aiming to launch in Q1 of 2024. There are approximately 2,300 Mannington and Phenix retailers currently working with Broadlume, Keith said. All of these retailers will have the ability to add the digital retailing tools of visualization and consumer sampling added to their websites. 

“When we looked at our data, Mannington is one of the most searched brands across our entire ecosystem,” said John Weller, CIO at Broadlume. “By offering a better user experience through visualization and e-commerce sample ordering, this partnership will immediately unlock new sales opportunities for retailers solely based on the existing demand we see for Mannington products.”

For Mannington, the opportunity to offer its retailers with online visualization, an in-store visualization kiosk, and online sample ordering helped kickstart the conversation, but it was Broadlume’s impact on Mannington and Phenix retailers' businesses that made moving forward with the partnership an easy decision.

“We looked at the sales data for our top retailers who currently work with Broadlume and the results were incredible," Keith said. "Retailers already on Broadlume’s website platform have an average of 30% higher Mannington sales, compared to retailers with other website providers."

Broadlume has been able to calculate the increased conversion rate for a consumer to become a lead on their websites. If a retailer has a Broadlume website with the visualization tools and consumer sample ordering, the conversion rate goes from 1% to 6.4%, compared to a non-Broadlume website, Keith added. 

Aligned retailers are invited to learn more a FloorCon '23, and any retailers in the U.S. or Canada who aren't currently working with Broadlume, but would like to learn more about the platform, can sign up for the waiting list.