Kährs, a Swedish manufacturer and distributor of flooring, announces that the company's Aware flooring has been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Aware, which is a new type of flooring for use in both residential and commercial spaces, has an authentic wood appearance, is based on natural and recycled materials, and has a durability that can be compared to that of traditional vinyl floors.

Flooring must have the following characteristics to achieve the Nordic Swan Ecolabel label: 

  • The flooring material needs to have a high proportion of renewable and/or recycled materials
  • A minimum of 50% of the weight of all wood raw material (new/recycled material) in a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled floor must have its origin from forests which are either FSC or PEFC certified, or consist of recycled material
  • It needs to meet stringent requirements on chemicals harmful to health and the environment
  • The flooring material should guarantee low emissions and a good indoor environment
  • It should be manufactured energy efficiently
  • The flooring should have good durability

Kährs Aware wood-design planks are available in nine different rustic colors, inspired and named by national parks around the world. The planks are made from bio-based materials such as HDF from recycled wood, natural and recycled fibers from the textile industry and recycled cork from wine cork production. The floor is completely free from plastics and PVC and has low emissions promoting a good indoor air quality.

Installation is made simple with a click joint on both the short and long side for a two-way installation and the floors are suitable for homes as well as commercial applications such as stores, hotels and restaurants, with demand for usage class 33.