The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) has been in the news recently, specifically with how it pertains to flooring. The UFLPA’s primary purpose is to identify and stop products that are made with or contain components made with forced labor – primarily from the Uyghur region of China – from entering the U.S.

“First and foremost, AHF Products does not condone any form of forced labor. We were disheartened to hear of the Uyghur forced labor camps in China and that certain flooring materials were reported to be connected to the Uyghur region,” said Jennifer ZimmermanChief Commercial Officer, AHF Products. “One way to ensure compliance with the UFLPA is to buy from U.S. manufacturers who only source from within the U.S. or who have well-vetted foreign supply chains. AHF Products is one of those manufacturers.” 

AHF Products manufactures residential sheet, residential and commercial luxury vinyl, and vinyl composition tile (VCT) at our facilities in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Kankakee, Illinois. Additionally, most of its SPC collections are manufactured domestically in Cartersville, Georgia. And because these products are being made right here in the U.S., dealers and distributors enjoy shorter lead times along with tremendously competitive price points. 

“These are U.S.-made products, in stock and ready to ship, to meet customer needs in just days, not weeks,” Zimmerman said. “For example, our Armstrong Flooring™ American Charm™ Residential LVT and new Unify™ Quick Ship Commercial LVT are proudly made in Lancaster so there are no overseas lead-time or tariffs to worry about.”

While most of the company’s vinyl flooring products are domestically made, it does import some products from outside of the U.S. AHF Products vets its suppliers to make certain the existing AHF Products supply base is not directly or indirectly sourcing from Uyghur or any of the companies named in the Act. Its supply chain program also includes an overall social justice component so suppliers can be identified from other areas of the world where social injustices such as forced labor may be of concern so that the company can do an additional review, and that all possible steps are taken to ensure compliance.

“Our team stands ready to work with our customers to provide the best flooring solutions from our U.S. plants. AHF Products offers a significant degree of certainty to serving customers with our strong domestic manufacturing capabilities and scale,” said Zimmerman. “Our domestic facilities provide best-in-class service, designs, quality, and performance to our customers.”