The Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) held its spring meetings for two committees in Atlanta last week. The committees are comprised of technical and marketing leaders from the member companies of RFCI.

The RFCI Technical Advisory CommitteeThe RFCI Technical Advisory Committee 

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) addressed many topics, including:

The renewal of the Industry-Wide EPDs

  • Updates of key standards and certifications
  • Completion of the revision of NSF/ANSI 332 Standard (AFFIRM Certified)
  • The continued expansion of Assure Certified for Rigid Core Products
  • The coming addition of a fourth CEU that joins the prior three on RFCI.COM
  • The addition of three new items to the RFCI Resource Hub that currently
  • provides a summary of thirty-one topics
  • The tremendous growth of the ecomedes platform in the design community and RFCI’s active leadership
The RFCI Marketing Advisory CommitteeThe RFCI Marketing Advisory Committee


The Marketing Advisory Committee meeting featured many topics, including:

  • A discussion of the Federal Trade Commission’s once-in-a-decade update of the Green Guides
  • A key update on RFCI’s marketing campaign, Beautifully Responsible, its growth in 2022, and the 2023 plan
  • A discussion on RFCI’s efforts in providing CEUs to the Design Community
  • The growth in use of ecomedes by the A&D community and other organizations
  • A review of the Shelton Group’s most recent “Buzzword Study”
  • A special presentation on the changing landscape in the Senior Living Sector

“It’s an honor for us to host the top technical and marketing leaders from our member companies,” said Bill Blackstock, president and CEO of RFCI. “The resilient category, as well as the entire flooring industry, benefits from their sacrifice and participation. Our committee structure provides the basis for our implementation of our six-part strategic plan. I was thrilled with the turnout, level of engagement, and deep commitment to our industry.”

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