Havwoods International provides wood flooring and wood wall panels for homes, retail stores and work spaces throughout the U.S. From its collection of wood plank construction, Havwoods predicted the top wood flooring tone trends below.

Havwoods 1.jpg
Photo courtesy of Havwoods

Subtle Cool

Light White Oak: This crowd-favorite shade is light with versatile undertones that vary depending on the type of lighting.

Havwoods 3.jpgPhoto courtesy of Havwoods

Au Naturel

Neutral Wood: This wood floor tone is a neutral option and its character grade allows for some knotting that invokes a feeling of nature.

Havwoods 2.jpgPhoto courtesy of Havwoods


Warm Brown: The brown floor for those that want a deeper color foundation. Warm enough for a cozy, traditional aesthetic or can be spiced up with eclectic accent colors.

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