Northann Corp, a leading innovator in the 3D printing industry, announced that it has secured a new groundbreaking European patent for its state-of-the-art “DSE Embossing Technology,” which covers a combined positive and negative embossing method in 3D printing applications for the manufacturing of decorative panels. United States patents for the same technology were already granted to Northann Corp earlier in time. Northann Corp is exclusively focusing on the home improvement industry through its subsidiary brand, Benchwick.

This new technology offers a significant leap forward in the production of complex, high-resolution objects tailored specifically to the home improvement industry. By offering unparalleled precision and control over embossing, Northann Corp’s DSE Embossing Technology is poised to redefine the capabilities of 3D printing in home improvement applications.

The Benchwick brand is specifically tailored to address the unique needs of the home improvement industry, offering customers access to the latest 3D printing advancements for creating custom home fixtures, decorations, and architectural components. By leveraging Northann Corp’s DSE Embossing Technology, Benchwick will be able to deliver unprecedented design flexibility and product quality to its customers.

"This marks a significant milestone for our company and the entire 3D printing industry," said Lin Li, CEO of Northann Corp. "We believe our DSE Embossing Technology will revolutionize the home improvement sector, opening up new possibilities for designers, engineers and manufacturers worldwide.”

Key Benefits of Northann Corp’s DSE Embossing Technology:

1. Enhanced Surface Detail: By allowing users to create both positive and negative embossed features, Northann Corp’s technology achieves unparalleled surface detail and quality in 3D printed objects for the home improvement sector.

2. Increased Design Flexibility: The ability to use all three embossing methods opens up new possibilities for designers and engineers, enabling them to create highly intricate designs with ease in the home improvement context.

3. Improved Efficiency: This revolutionary technology streamlines the production process by reducing the need for post-processing steps, such as sanding or polishing, ultimately saving time and resources for home improvement professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

4. Environmental Sustainability: The technology’s efficiency not only saves time but also reduces waste, making it an eco-friendly choice for those looking to minimize their environmental footprint in the home improvement sector.

Northann Corp plans to introduce its DSE Embossing Technology exclusively to the home improvement market through its Benchwick subsidiary, strategic partnerships, and licensing agreements.