The Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) announced the support from two prominent industry organizations, The Certified Flooring Installer (CFI) program and the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). These organizations have helped develop the curriculum for the FCEF’s Basic Flooring Installation program offered in several technical colleges and will offer credit toward their certifications for students completing these programs. 

“Our program is primarily focused on getting individuals started in flooring and teaching them basic skills,” said Jim Aaron, executive director, FCEF. “It’s exciting to make the connection to these respected organizations and give program graduates a way to continue their education and work toward certifications.”

CFI’s and NWFA’s recognition of this program affirms the value the technical college programs provide and validates the high quality of the curriculum offered. This support is a prime example of how collaboration across the flooring industry can make a positive impact.   

CFI will issue a credential of “Flooring Technician I” to graduates of technical college programs developed by the FCEF who pass the standardized testing developed by CFI. This testing will be administered by the technical school’s qualified instructor. Additionally, CFI will offer graduates of the program the following benefits:

  • Six months of the work experience requirement for any of CFI’s certification programs. 
  • Credit for the first two weeks of CFI’s five-week residential or commercial carpet education programs. 
  • Credit for one week of CFI’s two-week resilient add-on education program upon successful completion of one of CFI’s carpet education programs. 

NWFA will award students a Basic Floor Covering Installer (BFCI) credential upon completion of a written and hands-on test. This credential will give graduates of the FCEF program the following benefits as they develop their hardwood installation skills:

  • A credit of 480 hours (three months) of on-the-job experience and 40 hours of instruction toward NWFA’s apprenticeship program for the Wood Flooring Specialist credential.
  • A credit for fulfilling NWFA Basic Installation school. 
  • A credit of three months of on-the-job experience toward NWFA’s Certified Installer program. 

“We know that the most successful flooring craftsmen focus on continuing education,” shared Kaye Whitener, director of operations, FCEF. “Connecting these students to these respected training organizations will give them the support and resources they need to grow their skills and have a successful career.”

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