Milestone, the distributed brand of Florim USA, debuted three porcelain tile collections at Coverings 2023. The collections represented designer trends, newly USA-produced Gauged Porcelain up to sizes 48”x48” and 48”x110”, and tangible steps towards Milestone’s goal of carbon neutrality.

bestow.jpgMilestone Bestow Kunano 12"x12" 

The first of the collections was an inaugural launch for Milestone’s ‘Stories’ concept. A collaboration which ‘Gives Voice to the American Design Community’. In partnership with Jennifer Farris, principal designer and owner of Bandura Design, the Bestow collection was developed. The story of the collection pays tribute to, “homespun artist’s weaving, braiding, and macrame knotting which inspire the tile’s color, texture, and pattern,” according to Farris.

ecostone.jpgMilestone EcoStone 24"48" Pumice Vein Cut 

EcoStone marks Milestone’s first collection featuring 48”x110” as a carbon neutral offering. This collection pays homage to the timeless beauty of travertine, with two distinctive finishes, inspired by different cutting techniques: cross-cut and vein-cut. There is a highlight on the various uses of gauged tile including the durability and beauty of facades, without sacrificing sustainability.

farmhouse.jpgMilestone Farmhouse Living Alabaster Carved Deco 48"x110"


Farmhouse Living features floor and wall in sizes up to 48”x110”, outdoor 2cm pavers, mosaics, and large decos. The collection highlights biophilic design, emulating the natural beauty of stone.

Milestone’s is pleased to present collections which celebrate its core values of design, beauty, as a sustainable tile, designed, produced, and distributed in the US.

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