Mapei Corporation announces a new color palette featuring a mix of old favorites and a dozen hot new color selections. As a collaboration between Mapei's most advanced color technology and the industry’s top architects and designers, the colors in this refreshed grout palette will sing to your mood.

The new grout palette reverberates with creativity and durability, harmonizing today’s most popular color trends with the favorite colors of the past.

“We worked with a variety of designers and architects, as well as our colleagues in the industrial coatings industry, to determine the most popular colors on the market,” said Sonya Moste, Mapei Product Manager for Membranes and Grouts.

“From that research, we have 12 new colors in a wide swath of hues and tones. These new colors are blended throughout our refreshed grout palette.”

Collectively referred to as “The Sound of Color,” the refreshed palette of six new color collections featuring 12 entirely new colors is based upon the theme of music, because the colors themselves are so evocative of song with the highlights and tones playing upon the viewer’s moods.

The new color collections are:

  • Rock: Saturated, monochromatic, metallic colors
  • Chill-Out: Blues and greens; our coolest palette
  • Disco: Iridescent, glittering hues
  • Retro: Vintage hues in a warm/cool palette
  • High-Energy: The warmest palette
  • Country: Deeply saturated earth tones

Not only will the grouts sing to any mood, they perfectly harmonize with Mapei's matching caulks, which are also available in the new color collections. And they all provide the industry-leading performance that you have come to expect from Mapei.

“We are excited about the refreshed palette and the new grout colors,” said Moste. “From playful to tranquil, from glittery to blue gray, the new palette has a color to match any mood and any room.”

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