Mohawk Group, in collaboration with Equalis Group, has secured the adoption of its competitively solicited contract for Commercial Flooring Materials with Installation and Related Services by the state of Arkansas. This publicly procured contract award from the Cooperative Council of Governments, an Equalis Group lead agency, demonstrates Mohawk’s commitment to delivering high-quality flooring solutions to public agencies across the country.  

Through the contract, Mohawk will work with the state of Arkansas to provide its public agencies with high-performing flooring products. State agencies and other entities located in the State of Arkansas including K-12 educational institutions, and local cities, counties, and municipalities are able to immediately begin benefiting from the contract. 

“We are thrilled that our cooperative contract with Mohawk Group has been adopted by the Office of State Procurement after a rigorous vetting process,” said Josh Harrelson, Equalis Group’s Southeast Regional Director. “This partnership will enable public agencies in Arkansas to access a comprehensive and hassle-free flooring solution. With our fully compliant procurement process and Mohawk's extensive range of products and services, public agencies in Arkansas now have an unparalleled resource for their flooring needs.” 

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