HMTX Industries continues its quest for more sustainable resilient flooring with the introduction of The Mycelium Collection at NeoCon 2023—a new, non-vinyl, circular multilayer flooring—taking home the Sustainability Award for Best of NeoCon under the Specialty Flooring category.

The Mycelium Collection features SRP TPU flooring technology, which transforms waste plastic bottles into circular flooring. Two plastic bottles (PET) are upcycled into each square foot of SRP flooring, which is constructed with a PET top layer, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) core layer, and a cross-linked polyurethane foam back layer. SRP flooring can be ground up and transformed into an engineered TPU giving HMTX the ability to recycle each plank into new planks, making it a circular product.

SRP planks are simply able to be ground with calcium carbonate and fresh TPU, maintaining chemical properties and product quality. HMTX Industries will provide a seamless take-back program in which installation waste as well as post-use material can be returned, ground up and transformed into TPU and used in new SRP flooring.

Its first debut is through the Mycelium Collection, which features 20 digitally printed SKUs in biophilicly designed planks and tiles, hosting modern, unique wood looks along with organic abstracts inspired by mycelium’s construction and impact on the ecosystem it inhabits.

The collection is offered in both 12”x 24” tiles and 8.66”x 49.2”planks, all elevated with an in-registered emboss. Each design within the Mycelium Collection was inspired by this network – a concept of community that nurtures collaboration and connection.

While the Mycelium Collection was designed for various commercial settings, including hospitality, retail, corporate and senior living, SRP’s construction will be sold throughout HMTX’s portfolio of product offerings including residential installations. The Mycelium Collection will hold a 15 Year Commercial Warranty.

The Mycelium Collection of SRP TPU flooring has begun pursuing the following certifications: FloorScore, Assure Certified, Declare, Health Product Declaration, Environmental Product Declaration, and achieving Carbon-Neutral status.  The teams said they also plan on pursuing Cradle-to-Cradle Certification as well as GreenGuard Gold.

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